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April 20, 2022  

Co-Parenting ft. Kemi and Jermaine

April 20, 2022

“When I get married, I will have kids, raise a family and grow old peacefully.” How many Christians pray for this? What happens when the order gets scrambled? What happens when you have kids without the marriage or the marriage fails? As Christians, we aren’t as educated on how to carry on in these situations. God gives us children, and regardless of what a partner chooses to do, the responsibility to raise the children should never falter.


Kemi (@styledbykemi) and Jermaine (@maine_8990) both have different stories and sat down with us today to help discuss the topic of co-parenting. Even if you are not in a co-parenting situation, there is a lot that you can learn from today's episode. 


We read from Isaiah 50 v 4-5, and James 1 v 2-4 on today’s episode.