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July 7, 2022  

Fruit That Matters

Nothing wrong with taking a break; even God rested.... We just have to remember to give our listeners a heads up next time. Thanks to your prayers, we are back after some time off and wanted to discuss the Fruit of the Spirit. Is there room for improvement with the way we feed our Spirit while trying our best to tame the flesh? As always, we hope you enjoy this episode; if you do, be sure to share with friends.


We read from Galatians chapters 5 and 6 on today’s episode.

April 20, 2022  

Co-Parenting ft. Kemi and Jermaine

“When I get married, I will have kids, raise a family and grow old peacefully.” How many Christians pray for this? What happens when the order gets scrambled? What happens when you have kids without the marriage or the marriage fails? As Christians, we aren’t as educated on how to carry on in these situations. God gives us children, and regardless of what a partner chooses to do, the responsibility to raise the children should never falter.


Kemi (@styledbykemi) and Jermaine (@maine_8990) both have different stories and sat down with us today to help discuss the topic of co-parenting. Even if you are not in a co-parenting situation, there is a lot that you can learn from today's episode. 


We read from Isaiah 50 v 4-5, and James 1 v 2-4 on today’s episode.

March 30, 2022  

Keeping Up with the Joneses

We did not discuss any "slaps" on this episode of Urban Theology. Come take a break with us from the Oscars night.  

We did however talk about social media and the positive/negative effects it can have. We spoke from a personal perspective and understand this can take away from our relationship with God. How do you feel about social medias effect on your walk with Christ? Enjoy the episode and be sure to share with someone you feel needs to hear this. 


We read from James 3 v 16-13 and Ephesians 5 v 15-16 on today’s episode

February 24, 2022  

Check on your “Strong Friend”

If only I had a dollar for everytime I heard someone say "Check in on your strong friends." How do you even determine who your strong friend is, and are the other friends weak? This episode, we wanted to have a check in with each other and talk about our concerns as men. We believe every friend is a strong friend and you need to find a way to do more than the casual hi and bye. Enjoy the episode and be sure to share with someone you feel needs to hear this. 


We read from Jeremiah 29 v 11-13 and Phillipians 2 v 14-15 on today’s episode
February 9, 2022  

Celibacy? In a Pandemic?

Celibacy is not an easy topic to discuss amongst Christians, but it is a necessary one. Join us as we get personal with our relationships and the calling we have on our lives. The pressure abounds as we get older and have more freedom. We make more money, pick our friendships, buy the car/house we want; why can’t I choose when and how I get pleasured by my girlfriend/boyfriend? Enjoy the episode and be sure to share with someone you feel needs to hear this. 


We read from 1st Corinthians 15 v 1-2 and James 1 v 17 on today’s episode.
January 26, 2022  

Not Another Relationship Pod

Relationship conversations are ubiquitous and each relationship expert has a new method for keeping a successful relationship. It can get really confusing as you don’t know if you should send roses, fund his/her Cash App, or put gas in the car to please your partner. Today, we discuss relationships and I promise you it is a fresher perspective on the topic. We talk about the origins of human relationships (Adam and Eve) and have a healthy conversation around necessities in a relationship. Don’t forget to share this episode with a friend after listening.

We read from Isaiah 55 v 13 and Genesis 2 v 23 - 24 on today’s episode.

January 12, 2022  

Comeback Season

Did you miss us? We surely missed you and are excited to get things rolling in Season 4. A lot has happened since the last time we spoke, but one thing remains constant; God is merciful. Join us as we talk about our experiences while the podcast was down and make sure to share the episode with someone you feel needs to hear this. 


We read from Proverbs 16 v 2-3 and Proverbs 28 v 13 on today’s episode.

July 8, 2021  

Better Things

It seems like everyday we wake up, we see an updated version of what we have. Whether it's the latest iOS/Android update, the latest social media trend, or the latest work from home policy at work, there is always something new and different than what we have. On today's episode, we discuss comparison and how it invites sin to our doorstep.


This is also our season finale! We will take a brief hiatus to get back to the drawing board and return later this year with more Urban Theology.


We read from Galatians 5 v 19-21 and 1st Timothy 4 v 7 on today’s episode.

June 30, 2021  

Semi-annual Reviews

As men and women of God, you have to be intentional in how you spend your time, so it is imperative to set goals. How are those goals you set at the beginning of the year looking? On today's episode we review some of the goals we set and discuss the difficulties we have faced trying to accomplish them. 


We read from Psalm 91 v 4 and Matthews 11 v 28 on today’s episode.

May 26, 2021  

We Outside!

It's something about good weather that lifts our spirits. Add that with "outside" opening back up and this might be a summer for the books. There will be a lot of bad decisions made this summer as temptation lurks outside as well. The guys discuss being Men of God in the summer and how they guard their minds/hearts


We read from Proverbs 6 v 27-28 and Proverbs 14 v 9 & 12 on today’s episode.

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