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November 18, 2020  

Big Money Talk

You got money? If not, you are probably thinking of a way to get it and if you already have money, you are probably thinking of a way to preserve it. We can all get caught up in money matters, but do we keep that same energy in matters of God? We are actually supposed to put out more energy in the latter matter, but most times we fall short. Tobe and Raheem dig deep into this topic and share some of their pitfalls with money, lessons learned and advice on how to stop worshipping money. 


We read Ecclesiastes 5 v 10 and Ecclesiastes 3 v 11-13 on today’s episode

November 11, 2020  

Politics As Usual

Has the election taken away from your faith? You can keep it real with us, did you fear the repercussions of one candidate winning/losing? Do you feel less of a Christian having anxiety about the election? No worries, we spent today’s episode sharing our experience with this election period and discussing the Church’s role in politics.  


We read Romans 13 v 1 and Psalms 22 v 28 on today’s episode

October 28, 2020  


The crew took a break from our schedule to bring light to everything going on in Nigeria right now. Both Tobe and Raheem are from Nigeria and we brought on a guest, Nicole, who also shares that commonality. 


We read Romans 12 v 9, Jeremiah 22 v 3, Proverbs 21 v 15, Isaiah 61 v 8 and Exodus 22 v 21-24 on this episode





October 21, 2020  

Music Makes You Do What?!

What's your favorite song these days? It's a high probability one of the lyrics in that song is "problematic." Join us for this episode as we discuss Music and Popular Culture. Are we cheating on God when we listen to our favorite artist who makes us feel "good" with lyrics that aren't all that "good?"


We read James 5 v 13, John 15 v 19 and II Timothy 3 v 12 on this episode

October 7, 2020  

The Social Dilemma

How does social media affect you? Keep it a 100 with us; do you pick up your phone and check social media when you wake up? Both Tobe and Raheem have been on social media highs, and let's just say the distance it creates from the Father is not worth it. We discussed jealousy, comparison and more weeds social media can create. 


We read Philippians  4 v 6-7 and Exodus 20 v 17 on this episode

September 30, 2020  

Everything Serves A Purpose

"When I compare my purpose to someone else's then it is no longer my purpose" - Big Sean

Did  we shake a table or two by quoting Big Sean on Urban Theology? We kicked off Season 2 by discussing purpose and that quote had been stuck in my head. Tune in as we give our personal accounts of our purpose, changing purpose, living in purpose and taking breaks from purpose. 


We read Revelations 3 v 15-16 and Matthew 3 v 1-3 on this episode

September 16, 2020  

Back for Season 2!

We byke! Better than ever too. Catch up with us on this episode as we recap what Raheem and Tobe have been up to since the hiatus. 


We read Matthew 24 v 4-5 and Ecclesiastics 3 v 1-4 on this episode


We will be back next Wednesday with a new episode as we kick off the new season. 

July 20, 2020  

What’s on your mind?

10 episodes down and we come to the conclusion of our 1st season! Thank you for all the support, we are going to take a brief recess to better our craft and return in Season 2 with more Urban Theology episodes (returning in September). To cap off the season, we kept today's episode broad and just spoke from the heart on things we both are dealing with as Christian men. 


We read I Timothy 6 v 6-11 and Matthew 7 v 24-25

Topics discussed: Success, Money, Making time for God

July 13, 2020  

Who mans is this?

We all love a good friendship, but a lot of friendships aren't all that good once you peel back the exterior. Today we talk about our personal friendships and how they have evolved over time. Some friends can also turn into deadweight, while new friends take the place of old friendships causing animosity. What about friends that just don't accept our spiritual growth, and cause uncomfortable conversations? We dig into all of that in this episode 

We read I Corinthians 15 v 33 and Luke 5 v 17-20

Topics discussed: Friends

July 6, 2020  

The Dating Experts

Who doesn't love a good date? Well, what even constitutes a good date? Today we jump into the events that lead to the first date (shooting shots), and discuss ways to know if a man is serious about you. As experts in this dating game, you don't want to miss all the gems in this episode ;)

We read Proverbs 31 v 10, Genesis 2 v 18-19, and Lamentations 3 v 31

Topics discussed: Dating

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