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May 5, 2021  

Where are the Men? ft Moses

Fella's, gentlemen, brethren... This is for you. To the wonderful women that love and listen faithfully to the podcast, make sure you share this with a man you know. We had @immosesajibade as a guest to help us tackle this issue of Men performing disappearing acts in service to God.


We read from I Corinthians 11 v 3, Psalm 119 v 17-18, and John 10 v 12-13 on today’s episode.

April 21, 2021  

The Freestyle Session

For this episode, we decided to go no pen/no pad, just vibes. With everything life throws our way, It can feel liberating to free up your schedule to catch up with a friend of family member. We discussed where we are at in our relationship with God, the “verdict,” and getting over fears amongst other topics. Hope you enjoy the episode!


We read from Psalms 119 v 9-10, and Matthews 11 v 28 on today’s episode.

March 31, 2021  

Faith x Business

How many of you have a business that cuts an occasional corner? When doing business, do you adhere to principles of faith. It can be difficult to do so, as businesses exist to rake in profits, but at what cost? Today's episode is all about how we can better do business and invite God as our sole board member.


We read from Luke 19 v 8-9, and Colossians 2 v 22 on today’s episode.

March 17, 2021  

People Watching

Staying on uncomfortable topics, we are reopening the discussion on pornography and its destruction. This is destructive to both men and women and is often something we hide while in aesthetically pleasing relationships. The guys discuss their personal victories and failures with this sin and how they continually safeguard themselves.


Make sure you check out our initial conversation on this topic as well!


We read from John 3 v 19-21, II Chronicles 36 v 14-16 and Matthew 5 v 27-30 on today’s episode.

March 10, 2021  

An Honest Sex Talk

Hide the kids, we are pulling out an uncomfortable conversation about sex. Why is it so uncomfortable and why does the church get weird when discussing the topic? Is depriving yourself from the act going to end your relationship and how can I wait until marriage when there are no willing partners to join me? Join us as we discuss our personal struggles, outlook moving forward, and scripture outlaying God’s point of view on sex.  


We read from Ecclesiastes 3 v 17 and Matthew 15 v 19-20 on today’s episode.

February 24, 2021  

Til death do us part? w/@styledbykemi

Following up on our episode about love, we invited a guest to give her testimony. Kemi is a stylist, content creator and image consultant who got married at a young age. We all want to get married at some point right? This episode delves deeper into love and marriage.


We read from Romans 8 v 35, 38-39 and Psalms 147 v 3 on today’s episode.

February 11, 2021  

An episode dedicated to Love

Welcome to Season 3! We have missed you and can't wait to share all the new plans we have for the podcast. As it's close to Valentines day, we thought it would be great to discuss love. No matter your relationship status, God’s love is worth celebrating every day. We discussed how His love has changed us, how it influences the way we show love, and how we are reminded of His love.


We read from John 15 v 12-13 and Isaiah 55 v 1-2 on today’s episode.

December 16, 2020  

How Well Are You?

Today we talk wellness with a Life Coach and Therapist. Everyone can relate to 2020 bringing in unexpected circumstances, whether it was your travel being derailed or it was an extreme event like losing a loved one. How is your wellness? Join us and our guests Rebbecca Bakre @rebbeccabakre and Oluwafemi Sanya @drfemdizzle in the conversation and feel free to reach out to these professionals if you need help in their areas of expertise.


We read from Isaiah 43 v 2 and 54 v 17, Psalms 1 v 3 and 23 v 4, II Corinthian 4 v 8 and Matthew 6 v 8 on today’s episode.


Links to each guests books:



December 9, 2020  

God gave us style, right?

The clothes, the shoes, the watch, the chain. I need all of em! At what expense though? While we only remember spending money on our fashion, we also expense our time and focus on fashion; time and focus that could be better utilized elsewhere. But, God gave us fashion so its all good…. Right? Join us for this conversation on fashion/style; it was a good one!  


We read Romans 15 v 7 and Romans 12 v 1 on today’s episode



December 2, 2020  

The Dating Experts Part II w/Olamide & Gabe

The dating experts Tobe & Raheem are back to help all the brothers and sisters out. Part I received mixed reviews via IG DMs and texts, so we decided to spice up part II with 2 guests: A married man and a single woman. Both Olamide (@olamide.iyanda) and Gabe (@bluejide) have different dating experiences, but all roads were met with God and His will.  


The scripture list was heavy this episode. We read Ephesians 5 v 28-30, I Corinthians 7 v 34, Colossians 3 v 3, I Corinthians 13 v 4-7 and I John 4 v 18 on today’s episode

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